Scott Golem draws on his 40 years of graphic design experience and his 18 years of design instruction as a resource and inspiration for his own professional art and design projects. He describes his work as digitally abstracted, photographically-based collage. Recurring subject matter in his work includes distressed architecture, substrates, machinery and typography. Growing up in the industrial Detroit area influenced Golem’s artistic approach.

Golem’s professional credentials include in-house packaging and visual merchandising design for Fortune 500 companies such as Dr. Pepper and JCPenney. His publishing background encompasses both children’s book designs for Pearson Education and art direction for technology trade magazines in the Richardson, TX Telecom Corridor. At the university level, Golem’s teaching experience ranges from introductory courses to advanced portfolio.

Golem holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas.

For more information on Scott's work, or for employment information contact him at:  get in touch.

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